Plan comparison





Essential benefits

Price€ 0from € 23.02from € 92,78from € 395.05
Daily sending limits800 emailsno limitsno limitsno limits
Monthly sending limit24.000 emailsno limitsno limitsno limits
Advanced deliverability and ISP contact management

Trusted Deliverability & Know how

Partnerships with local and global ESPs/ISPs and unique know-how (e.g. Onet, Wp,,, Gmail, Yahoo and many more)
Your transactional emails always in the Inbox

Integrations & Support

RESTful & Event API
Customer SupportStandard supportStandard supportExtended support (individual case consideration)Customer success manager
VIP Status
Dedicated Onboarding
Webhook OK
Simple API and SMTP Relay
Sub-user account management
Extended API: data base, dedicated API (not included in the price)
Whitelabel (not included in the price of package)


Automatic hardbounce block
Black list to CSV import
Basic statistics
Link tracking
Open tracking
Logs TTL7 days7 days15 days15 days
Possibility to extend logs TTL
Feedback loops
Reports per ESP
Automatic UTM parameters
E-mail tagging
Email deliverability alerts

Panel&SMTP Configuration

Temporary email address blocking
Managing ESP contacts and solving individual deliverability issues
Detailed user activity logs
Individual link tracking
Deep linking


Dedicated IP1 dedicated IP in package2 dedidated IPs in package
Additional Dedicated IP€33.34€33.34
Automatic dedicated IP warm-up

Privacy and Security

TLS encryption
Personalized DKIM
S/MIME (not included in the price of package)
SLA (not included int he price of package)
VIP SLA (not included in the price of package)
Panel and SMTP access through VPN connection
GDPR-friendly environment


Ability to make comments on EmailLabs general contract drafts*
Invoice splitting between company divisions

*NOTE: Starting with the PRO Plan, we allow comments on the client's drafts. One hour of lawyer's work is 150€ net on the invoice.