Pricing v.2

Plan: Essential 30

Estimated cost: 23 EUR *

VAT is not included

How many e-mails per month do you want to send?












Essential 30

29 EUR/month

23 EUR/month

for the first 3 months
for new customers

up to 30 000 e-mails per month

no daily sending limit

  • Email REST API, SMTP Relay
  • Email templates
  • Detailed documentation
  • Basic email analytics
  • 7 days of log retention
  • Email address validation - internal list of non-existent ones
  • Trusted Sender Certification
  • Shared IP adress

Not sure which package will be best for you?

Doubt which package is best suited to your needs? Contact our team, who will provide you with a customized plan that will allow you to deliver transactional and marketing messages regardless of the size of your company and the number of messages you send.

Trusted us

Why us?

Email Deliverability

Whether you send a few thousand or hundreds of millions of messages per month, we guarantee 99.98% deliverability. In addition, the ability to separate marketing and transactional traffic allows you to deliver your most important emails to your addressees expressly.

Email Communication

With EmailLabs's Email REST API or Cloud-Based SMTP, you will see an increase in the security of your email communications through authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, S/MIME) dedicated IP or BIMI standard, and the records we create will eliminate potential domain spoofing and increased phishing messages.

Email Analytics

Analyze the data, which will provide you with practical tips for optimizing your next email blasts. Deliverability level opens, clicks, soft and hard bounces, and spam reports are just some of the available parameters you can track in the EmailLabs dashboard. Remember to set alerts for changes in deliverability!


What is EmailLabs and how does it work?

EmailLabs Cloud SMTP Email REST API is a SaaS-based service that offers its customers third-party servers (SMTP) to handle solicited emails.

We specialize in supporting transactional and marketing email traffic sent from any system: CRM, CMS, automation, e-commerce platform, mobile app or loyalty program.

Thanks to our partnerships with major email providers, the messages transmitted from our servers are tailored to meet the requirements of such ISPs’ as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail and the rules followed by local providers such as, O2,,,, or This ensures that messages land in the right folders like the inbox, notifications or offers.

Emaillabs can easily be integrated with any mailing system or application that connects you to a third-party SMTP server.

Do you provide a free package that I can use without time limits?

By choosing the free Startup plan you can send up to 300 messages per day with a monthly limit of 9,000. Messages sent over the limits will not be delivered.

If you need to send more upgrades to a paid plan!

How to measure number of emails I have sent?

This is possible using the Dashboard tab, which shows statistics on completed mailings. To find out how many messages were sent for the last month, use the chart provided. Just select the time period you are interested in and then check the Injected status. The amount of injected is taken to calculate values on the invoice as the total number of sent messages.

How does the EmailLabs dashboard tab look like?

How do I choose the best pricing plan for me?

If you are currently sending email communication, we suggest averaging the number of messages you have sent in the last three months and choosing a plan that covers at least that amount. You can switch to a lower or higher plan at any time.

Plus, if you want to build your sender reputation, separate transactional from marketing messages, or improve your analytics, we recommend getting the PRO plan with a dedicated IP address.

Would you be interested in more advanced services included in the Enterprise plan? Contact our team – we’d be happy to help you choose the option that’s right for you.

What is the CPM? How much is the surcharge when the average CPM of a package is exceeded?

The amount you pay will vary from month to month if you exceed the email-sending limit of your plan.

See the package comparison for the overrun costs you will incur.

What is a dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP address is designated exclusively for sending your email messages. Your communication is sent from a unique IP belonging to you, giving you complete control over the sender’s reputation. We use different pools tailored to the type of traffic and only fixed SMTP addresses.

Where to start? Do you offer email deliverability consulting?

Look at our documentation, which will make the entire integration process easier for you.

How can I make payment for the service? Does any agreement apply?

First, you need to create an account, fill in the company’s details, and confirm with sales the selected plan. You pay only after sending the appropriate number of e-mails or purchasing additional features. Payment cannot be made through the panel. It’s done based on the invoice issued to the agreement concluded online ( the contract accepted during registration). Invoices are generated by the 10th of each month.

How many users are in each plan?

Varied permission levels and user management are available from the PRO plan onward. The maximum number of users is 50.

Is EmailLabs ISO compliant?

We have successfully passed the ISO 27001 surveillance audit and ISO 27018 certification. The audits confirm the best practices of the information security management system and the application of a code of international principles to support the management of personal data in cloud computing. The scope examined by the auditor was the creation, maintenance and development of electronic communication solutions, including email, sms and push in the CPaaS model. The certification process of the information security management system was carried out by LLC-(Certification) Czech Republic a.s of Prague.

Vercom with ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certification

Can I cancel the service at any time?

Yes, you can cancel the service at any time. A one-month notice period applies, effective at the end of the following calendar month after the month in which the notice was given. If you would like to cancel, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

May I test EmailLabs by providing sample data?

You can enjoy a free trial period without the need to provide your credit card details, during which you can test all the EmailLabs features. However, the conditions of its performance, must be agreed upon with the Sales Department, which grants it.

The request can be sent to [email protected]. Without providing company data, the daily limit of sent messages is 100. During the trial period, you should use test addresses to send emails, you cannot perform sends in a  production environment.

How does EmailLabs charge for the service?

A VAT invoice is issued at the end of each billing period. Email plans are billed in advance and invoiced for the month ahead. Additionally, while having a PRO or Enterprise plan, if in a given month you send more emails than are available in the package price, we will settle the overage in the next month considering the cost of 1000 emails sent over the chosen plan.

In other words, when we issue an invoice at the beginning of June, we will take into account mailings which exceeded the email package for May and charge for the email plan for June.

Do I need to provide credit card information to test the service?

No, we do not require credit card details to test the service. We only need your email address, name and your company details.

What happens if I exceed my plan?

For the Startup, and Essential Plan, you can only send messages that they offer. Starting with the PRO plan that’s possible, but involves an additional fee for every 1000 messages after exceeding the volume included in the plan. The exact CPM can be found in the price list when selecting the volume and plan.

Plus, the system sends users 4 test messages and email notifications about the upcoming limit when using:

  • 33% of the volume
  • 50% of the volume
  • 75% of the volume
  • 100% of the volume.

What is a Trusted Sender Certificate?

Trusted Sender is whitelisting the client’s infrastructure with local mail providers. The so-called premium traffic is accepted in principle without time limits and is subject to favourable classification. The authorization applies to, O2, Onet and Interia, and minor sites belonging to these providers.

How many dedicated IPs do I need? Can I get more?

Some customers are satisfied with shared IPs, but others prefer the benefits of dedicated ones, which give more control over reputation and deliverability. At EmailLabs, one dedicated IP comes with the PRO Plan, and the Enterprise plan offers two dedicated IPs. The number of dedicated IPs you need depends on the volume and types of emails you send.

Why do I need to verify my account?

We require all customers to verify their accounts. This helps secure it and maintain deliverability for you and our clients.

What if I send less emails in a month than my current plan allows?

If you do not use all messages in your plan, they will not transfer to the next billing month.

Where is EmailLabs data stored and is the solution compliant with GDPR?

The public company Vercom S.A., to which the EmailLabs project belongs, is a European company, fully compliant with GDPR, based only on its servers located in CEE (Beyond Data Center). We provide services based on our know-how and technology. All data is processed in the EEA.

Why is it better to process personal data within the European Economic Area (EEA)? Consequences for controllers.


How does EmailLabs cooperate with CloudFlare?

In the case of the CloudFlare sub-processor: we use the WAF service (Web Application Firewall), under which we are provided with Data Localisation Suite (“DLS”), as well as EU Metadata Boundary. DLS is a guarantee that all data processed as part of the service remains within the EEA, while the EU Customer Metadata Boundary option gives us a guarantee that data will not be transferred outside the EU.

All information available to CloudFlare is of an analytical nature only, and all communications transmitted within the CloudFlare service are fully encrypted and can only be accessed by CloudFlare. The purpose of using WAF is to protect our platform as much as possible. Read more about WAF: