Package: PRO 100

Estimated cost: 90 EUR *

* for the first 3 months for new customers

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PRO 100

1 dedicated IP No daily sending limits

90 EUR/month

115 EUR/month

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For the first 3 months for new customers

  • Email RESTful API, SMTP
  • Email templates
  • Detailed documentation
  • Email address validation - internal list of non-existent ones
  • Unlimited webhooks
  • Advanced email analytics
  • Access levels and user management
  • 15 days of log retention
  • Sendings adjusted to local provider requirements
  • 1 dedicated IP address

CPM: 1,00 EUR/1000 e-mails per month

Why you should choose EmailLabs?

Best Email Deliverability

Email Deliverability

Thanks to our close collaboration with local and global email providers, you can send transactional and marketing emails with a delivery rate of up to 99.98%. By adhering to the best-sending practices, you can be sure that your messages will land in primary inboxes, bypassing spam filters.

Secure Email Communication

Email Communication

Emails sent via EmailLabs are standardized and encrypted both in transit and at rest. With TLS encryption and configuring authentications such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC, or the S/MIME and BIMI standards, we give you the tools to protect yourself against data breaches and phishing attempts.
EmailLabs Safety Center

Advanced Email Analytics

Email Analytics

In the dashboard, we present detailed message statuses - all data is unique and real-time so that you can keep track of your audience's engagement. Additionally, you'll find message logs, which are important evidential data; with them, you can verify the outcome of each message.

Not sure which package will be best for you?

If you’re unsure which package would best suit your business and the markets you operate in, schedule a consultation with us. Our team includes seasoned experts and deliverability strategists who are ready to address your questions. You can expect a response within 10 business hours.

The Best Email Deliverability Service in Europe

Our 2023 awards:

We are proud to be recognized as one of the Top B2B Companies in 2023.

We have been recognized for our ability to deliver exceptional services in 2023.

We are part of a publicly traded company VERCOM S.A.

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What is EmailLabs and how does it work?

EmailLabs Cloud SMTP Email REST API is a SaaS-based service that offers its customers third-party servers (SMTP) to handle solicited emails.

We specialize in supporting transactional and marketing email traffic sent from any system: CRM, CMS, automation, e-commerce platform, mobile app or loyalty program.

Thanks to our partnerships with major email providers, the messages transmitted from our servers are tailored to meet the requirements of such ISPs’ as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail and the rules followed by local providers such as, O2,,,, or This ensures that messages land in the right folders like the inbox, notifications or offers.

Emaillabs can easily be integrated with any mailing system or application that connects you to a third-party SMTP server.

May I test EmailLabs by providing test data?

You can enjoy a free trial period without the need to provide your credit card details, during which you can test all the EmailLabs features. However, the conditions of its performance, must be agreed upon with the Sales Department, which grants it.

The request can be sent to [email protected]. Without providing company data, the daily limit of sent messages is 100. During the trial period, you should use test addresses to send emails, you cannot perform sends in a  production environment.

How to measure number of emails I have sent?

This is possible using the Dashboard tab, which shows statistics on completed mailings. To find out how many messages were sent for the last month, use the chart provided. Just select the time period you are interested in and then check the Injected status. The amount of injected is taken to calculate values on the invoice as the total number of sent messages.

EmailLabs Onboarding Series – Episode 4 – Dashboard Functionalities

What happens if I exceed my plan?

For the Startup, and Essential Plan, you can only send messages that they offer. Starting with the PRO plan that’s possible, but involves an additional fee for every 1000 messages after exceeding the volume included in the plan. The exact CPM can be found in the price list when selecting the volume and plan.

Plus, the system sends users 4 test messages and email notifications about the upcoming limit when using:

  • 33% of the volume
  • 50% of the volume
  • 75% of the volume
  • 100% of the volume.

What if I send less emails in a month than my current plan allows?

If you do not use all messages in your plan, they will not transfer to the next billing month.

How can I make payment for the service? Does any agreement apply?

First, you need to create an account, fill in the company’s details, and confirm with sales the selected plan. You pay only after sending the appropriate number of e-mails or purchasing additional features. Payment cannot be made through the panel. It’s done based on the invoice issued to the agreement concluded online ( the contract accepted during registration). Invoices are generated by the 10th of each month.

How does EmailLabs charge for the service?

A VAT invoice is issued at the end of each billing period. Email plans are billed in advance and invoiced for the month ahead. Additionally, while having a PRO or Enterprise plan, if in a given month you send more emails than are available in the package price, we will settle the overage in the next month considering the cost of 1000 emails sent over the chosen plan. In other words, when we issue an invoice at the beginning of June, we will take into account mailings that exceeded the email package for May and charge for the email plan for June.

When adding addresses in the “To,” “CC,” or multiple addressees in general, each address indicated to be sent is a separate message. For instance, having one address in the “To” field and another in the “CC” field signifies the sending of two separate email messages. The EmailLabs panel will display two distinct logs accordingly.

What is a dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP address is designated exclusively for sending your email messages. Your communication is sent from a unique IP belonging to you, giving you complete control over the sender’s reputation. We use different pools tailored to the type of traffic and only fixed SMTP addresses.

Where is EmailLabs data stored and is the solution compliant with GDPR?

The public company Vercom S.A., to which the EmailLabs project belongs, is a European company, fully compliant with GDPR, based only on its servers located in CEE (Beyond Data Center). We provide services based on our know-how and technology. All data is processed in the EEA.

Why is it better to process personal data within the European Economic Area (EEA)? Consequences for controllers.

Is EmailLabs ISO compliant?

We have successfully passed the ISO 27001 surveillance audit and ISO 27018 certification. The audits confirm the best practices of the information security management system and the application of a code of international principles to support the management of personal data in cloud computing. The scope examined by the auditor was the creation, maintenance and development of electronic communication solutions, including email, sms and push in the CPaaS model.
The certification process of the information security management system was carried out by LLC-(Certification) Czech Republic a.s of Prague.

Vercom S.A. Successfully Renews ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

Our solutions have been awarded:


ISO 27001


ISO 27018




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