Benefits of implementing BIMI: protection against spoofing and phishing

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What is BIMI?

Brand Indicators for Message Identification is a new global sender authentication standard designed to make email communications more secure and protect against phishing. BIMI (thanks to the VMC certificate) provides a notarized guarantee that the sender has been previously verified and that the message originating from a particular domain is fully authenticated. BIMI is an extension of the previously existing standards (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) for brand identity. Its correct implementation allows the sender's logo to be displayed in emails: more specifically on the listing and in the email itself. It is worth mentioning that the logotype must be consistent with the officially registered mark in the Intellectual Property Office.

Why should you implement BIMI?

To implement BIMI you need to set an enforced DMARC policy first. The new standard works for bulk emails sends from a given domain (no matter what kind – transactional or marketing). With BIMI you gain recognition in the mailbox, increased brand awareness, which makes it easier for recipients to find your emails and get to the information that is important to them. The logo in the e-mail confirms the communication is safe and that they can open the email without concern.

How does BIMI increase CTR and OR?

Presenting a brand logo in the mailbox is an opportunity to use another touchpoint with the customer to present the brand's visual identity, and images appeal to our imagination best. This reflects the real results from your email efforts. Quoting Red SIFT & Entrust in US and UK - 2021, the BIMI standard contributes up to a 39% increase in Open Rates.

The benefits of BIMI

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