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Are you a WordPress user from which you send emails? Would you like to enjoy the highest email deliverability? Or maybe have access to detailed analytics of each sent message? Tag and track message deliverability, open rates, and click-through rates? If your answer to even one of these questions is yes, then you should switch from traditional SMTP and try EmailLabs.

How to configure an SMTP server in WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms by which we can easily create a website, online store, or blog. A great advantage of WordPress is access to many templates that will help you build your dream website and a wide range of plugins allowing endless customization of our projects.

Many common plugins enable you to send email messages – such as a thank you for filling out a form, or a newsletter subscription confirmation. However, the problem occurs when you want to replace the host’s traditional SMTP server with another external service – such as EmailLabs.

If we want to change the SMTP server in our WP, we can use ready-made plugins that will quickly allow us to do it, or use our programming skills. Below we present both solutions.

Set Up WordPress SMTP using Plugin

By far, one of the most popular plugins available is Easy WordPress SMTP. Thanks to it, we can replace not only the SMTP server but also the “From” field. Once installed and enabled, we need to go to settings and fill out the form below.

To properly configure the plugin, please refer to our documentation or follow the instructions below.


From Email Address – provide the address from which is used to send messages.
From Name – set up a custom sender name, e.g. the name of your company.
SMTP Host – enter the server name – „”.
Type of Encryption – specify how to encrypt the connection. We can select “STARTTLS” or “None”.
SMTP Port – we suggest port 587
SMTP Authentication – choose „yes”
SMTP username – specify the SMTP account name (panel name) which you received while registering in EmailLabs.
SMTP Password – enter the password which should first be set in the EmailLabs panel: EmailLabs Panel > SMTP Accounts > Active Accounts > Change Password

Set Up WordPress SMTP Without a Plugin (using code)

For those who prefer a few lines of code over installing plugins, here is ready to use the snippet.

1             add_action(’phpmailer_init’,’send_smtp_email’);

2             function send_smtp_email( $phpmailer )

3             {

4             // Information that we are sending via SMTP

5             $phpmailer->isSMTP();

6             // SMTP server name

7             $phpmailer->Host = „”;

8             // SMTP authentication (true/false)

9             $phpmailer->SMTPAuth = true;

10          // SMTP port number – 25 (no encryption),

11 //587 (tls encryption)12          $phpmailer->Port = „587”;

13          // EmailLabs smtp account name

14          $phpmailer->Username = „ACCOUNT NAME”;

15          // EmailLabs smtp account password

16          $phpmailer->Password = „PASSWORD”;

17          // Connection encryption – tls

18 // or do not call the method19            $phpmailer->SMTPSecure = „tls”;

20          $phpmailer->From = „Your e-mail address”;

21          $phpmailer->FromName = „FROM NAME”;

22          }

The code sample provided should be adjusted to your email settings. We sent your SMTP account name and password via e-mail right after you registered with our service.

Next, paste this code into functions.php file in your template and you’re done!

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