Cloud SMTP for Baselinker

Integrate in less than 5 minutes.

SMTP servers from EmailLabs are a guarantee:

High deliverability
of messages through contracts with providers.


Precise analytics,
which will effectively relieve the burden on the helpline.


Helpful support,
which includes deliverability experts.


Baselinker offers users a comprehensive tool to manage Internet sales. At the same time, it allows integration with many platforms, such as Allegro, eBay or Amazon and supports automation of operational, sales and logistics processes. The combination of E-commerce business with BaseLinker platform and EmailLabs guarantees not only high security standard but also maximized email deliverability.

EmailLabs can be integrated with BaseLinker system in a fast and easy way. The process is based on replacing data for SMTP server which is responsible for outgoing traffic in BaseLinker system. To connect Emaillabs’ SMTP go to Orders > E-mail/SMS templates > E-mail accounts and choose ‘Add new account’ button, then select the ‘Add SMTP account’ option from the drop-down menu.


SMTP for Baselinker

SMTP data should be entered in the appropriate fields as follows:

  • SMTP server address:  [In some cases, you need to specify a port number next to the SMTP server address. Thus, you should first enter the SMTP server address, add a colon sign, and then enter the port number. We suggest using port 587 for Emaillabs.]
  • SMTP Login: 1.panelname.smtp
  • SMTP Password: your SMTP password set up in the Emaillabs panel (Panel>SMTP Accounts>Active Accounts>change password)
  • Connection security: TLS / No encryption
  • Full e-mail address: e-mail address from which the message is sent
  • Name displayed: full name of the message sender displayed to the customer
  • Once you have entered the above details, select the “Save” button and test your connection.

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