Cloud SMTP for eFitness

Integrate in less than 5 minutes.

SMTP servers from EmailLabs are a guarantee:

High deliverability
of messages through contracts with providers.


Precise analytics,
which will effectively relieve the burden on the helpline.


Helpful support,
which includes deliverability experts.


The eFitness system provides Gym Management Software. It allows you to connect a third-party email infrastructure for mailings, in order to achieve more effective deliverability. To ensure the correct email classification in your inbox, it is advisable to use a professional cloud SMTP server offered by Emaillabs.

How to configure Emaillabs’s SMTP server in eFitness?

Setting up your own SMTP server in eFitness, such as the one offered by EmailLabs, is very easy.

The entire procedure can be handled within a few minutes.

  • Start with registering in EmailLabs, after which you’ll receive the following details from us: SMTP host, Login and Password. We recommend you write down this information in one place.
  • Next, you have to log into your eFitness dashboard and make a few clicks: Go to the configuration panel via the Club Settings > Configuration > Notifications tab, which looks like this:


There are two forms available for configuration, on the left for a custom mailbox, and on the right for EmailLabs mass mailing.

Once a customer decides to use EmailLabs, he should fill out the form on the right (for bulk mailing), and the one on the left for automated messages (main sender account) – if he wants all emails from the system, whether bulk or automated, to be sent from the EmailLabs account.

The following fields are required for proper integration:

  • SMTP address
  • username
  • password

Standard configuration does not need to add port after SMTP address, default port is 465. Then check the “Enable secure connection (SSL encryption)” option.

Correctly filled data looks like this:


Next, click the “Save” button.

If despite the correct data entry you get an error while trying to send an email, please take a screenshot of SMTP settings page (without the password) as well as the entire error message and sent it at [email protected].

*When you go to Reports > Messages > Emails in the eFitness dashboard, you can read the SMTP error code by clicking on the plus symbol.

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