Cloud SMTP for Magento

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SMTP servers from EmailLabs are a guarantee:

High deliverability
of messages through contracts with providers.


Precise analytics,
which will effectively relieve the burden on the helpline.


Helpful support,
which includes deliverability experts.


Effective email delivery is the foundation of a well-running e-commerce business. When choosing the right email infrastructure, we should remember the traditional SMTP servers offered by the hosting company may cause problems with message deliverability. To avoid this type of situation, it’s worth considering a professional SMTP cloud server.

Switching infrastructure to EmailLabs will not only increase deliverability, but also:

  • allows to track real-time statistics of your email performance,
  • makes it easier to access detailed logs of all messages sent,
  • lets you use a dedicated IP address and take care of your own sender reputation,
  • separates traffic for transactional and marketing messages,
  • automatically blocks sending to non-existent email addresses.

How to set up an external SMTP server for Magento?

Traditional SMTP server settings in Magento 2 only allow you to choose the host and port, so in order to use a third-party server, we need to download and install a suitable plugin – Magento Connect offers a wide range of them. The most popular one is Mageplaza, and it’ s totally free of charge.

Once the plugin is installed, you need to configure the SMTP settings. To do this, go to the Magento dashboard panel and select Stores > Configuration > Mageplaza Extensions > SMTP > General Configuration.


Next, check the “Enable Mageplaza SMTP” box and select “YES”.


In the next step, we move on to selecting SMTP configuration options through Stores > Configuration > Mageplaza Extensions > SMTP > SMTP Configuration Options.


SMTP Provider – choose a custom SMTP provider to fill in the information yourself

Host –

Port – 587 or 465

Authentication – Login

Username – nazwa użytkownika SMTP: 1.panelname.smtp

Password – your SMTP password set up in the Emaillabs panel (Panel>SMTP accounts>Active accounts>change password)

Protocol – TLS for 587 or none / SSL for 465

Return-Path Email – leave blank if you want to ignore

Test Email Recipient – this field is designed to test the proper SMTP configuration. Once you have completed all the fields, click the ‘Test Now’ button. If everything worked as expected, you will see a success message.


*If there’s still an error showing up even though you have correctly filled in all SMTP details and checked different ports and encryptions, please contact the developer responsible for the plug-in implementation for help.


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