Cloud SMTP for Mautic

Integrate in less than 5 minutes.

SMTP servers from EmailLabs are a guarantee:

High deliverability
of messages through contracts with providers.


Precise analytics,
which will effectively relieve the burden on the helpline.


Helpful support,
which includes deliverability experts.


More and more companies are implementing marketing automation systems. The goal is to learn as much as possible about the customer and adjust the offer to his needs. On the Polish market there are many marketing automation systems to choose from; each relies heavily on sending personalized emails to targeted user segments in a timely manner. So which one to pick? We leave this decision to marketing managers. Surely it’s worth paying attention to how the solution performs in the area of email deliverability. It’s best if we can combine a marketing automation system with a proven server infrastructure on the Polish market.

For those using Mautic, the automation marketing platform, we have good news: you can integrate Mautic with EmailLabs, a RESTful API that provides the best email deliverability in Poland.

How to set SMTP for Mautic?

Setup of your own SMTP server in Mautic is very easy. The whole procedure can be done within a few minutes.

  • You start by registering with EmailLabs, during which you’ll receive the following details: SMTP host, SMTP port, SMTP user. It is recommended to write down this information in one place.
  • For Mautic configuration login to the panel and switch to settings tab > Configuration


  • From the Configuration menu choose Email Settings tab:


  • Now enter the SMTP credentials for the Emaillabs service in the ‘Mail Send Settings’ as follows:


Service to send mail through: Other SMTP servers
Post: 587 or 465
SMTP encryption type: TLS for 587 or SSL for 465
SMTP authentication mode: Login
Username for the selected mail service: SMTP username: 1.panelname.smtp
Password for the selected mail service: your SMTP password set up in the Emaillabs panel (Panel>SMTP accounts>Active accounts>change password)

Once you are done with the setting just test your connection by clicking the Test connection button.

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