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Benefits for Partners

Know-how Sharing
Boost your business growth by partnering with industry leaders, and expanding your knowledge through know-how sharing.


Dedicated Support
Quick and easy contact for partners, available at every stage of cooperation - from launch to troubleshooting.


Revenue growth
Create new revenue streams by creating unique products and services based on our infrastructure.


The iCEA Group is a business approach to website marketing. We are an SEO agency that has been setting standards in the SEO/SEM industry since 2007. We have the largest technical department in Poland, which is built by the best SEO experts with years of experience. We go beyond the borders of the country with our offer, also operating in India and the USA.

How can iCEA help you?

If you want to sell online, you need to ensure that your website is visible in the search engine. If your online shop or website is not displayed to users, they probably won’t even have a chance to get to know your offer. To change this, you need a well-chosen SEO strategy that will help you achieve high positions in search results.

Search engine visibility alone is not enough today, you need a comprehensive approach to SEO, which is why iCEA combines SEO with other elements of online marketing such as SEM, Content Marketing and UX.

For iCEA customer only

Our experts will carry out a free, individual analysis of your email and your server infrastructure.
Please contact our Customer Service or Sales Department to claim your offer.

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