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Briju is a Polish jewelry brand that, in addition to over 70 stationary stores, sells through an online store. EmailLabs is responsible for the deliverability and analytics of the brand's transactional and marketing emails.



Sending transactional and marketing emails from a shared infrastructure was a direct cause of messages going to the wrong tabs. Important transactional emails went to the "Promotions" or "Newsletters" folder, while marketing emails often landed in the "Spam" folder. This caused some customers to experience problems with finding messages, especially the least technologically advanced group of users, who have difficulties with using multiple tabs and folders in their mailbox.


The delay in email deliverability was also quite a challenge. Impatient clients were getting order confirmations only after 30-40 minutes.


Initially, Briju's sendings did not have email traffic authorization, which is crucial to classify it correctly and deliver communication without delays. If the sender doesn’t have a signed agreement for premium traffic with WP, then when trying to navigate from the newsletter to the landing page, a disturbing alert pops up, "Watch out, you're leaving the mail!"



We recommended separating the sending of transactional and marketing emails into two, different "from" addresses and “SMTP” servers. After integrating with the EmailLabs infrastructure, transactional and marketing emails started going to the appropriate tabs. Order confirmations and other important system-generated emails are delivered to the primary tabs. Customers no longer have to search for them among the numerous categories in their inbox.


The separation of traffic also resulted in the delivery of transactional emails in a fraction of a second. A separate SMTP server, properly configured and warmed up for these notifications, prioritizes this communication with email providers.


Sending from EmailLabs also gives a guarantee of authorization of all messages by automatic recognition of the sender by WP, Onet, or Interia. We have long-term cooperation with Polish providers, so customers do not have to sign any additional agreements. Alerts and lost sales opportunities from the email channel are no longer a problem.

"We have an e-mail infrastructure dedicated only to us. This allows us to work on our sender reputation.”

Tomasz Cynar

E-commerce Manager

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