Partnership Program

At EmailLabs, we are expanding our network of partners, to whom we provide not only the infrastructure for sending e-mails, but also the necessary analytical tools and priority support for solving technical problems.

Reseller Partner

Recommend EmailLabs to your customers, refer them to educational content on the website and recommend creating an account with our service.

OEM Partner

The EmailLabs infrastructure is an internal component of your solution and the customer has access to the benefits you have agreed with us in the contract.

What does a Reseller Partner gain?


Deliverability and scalability

server infrastructure


Dedicated solution

concerning e-mail security


Clear documentation

RESTful E-mail API



Educational material

developed by our Experts



Periodic training for the team

in terms of deliverability



Attractive salary

up to 20% on each invoice issued

What does an OEM Partner gain?


Partial or full Whitelabel

which will hide the EmailLabs domains
in the main header

know how

Access to know how

all EmailLabs advantages will also
become your advantages


Infrastructure scalability

whose availability you no longer need

to worry about



Creation of sub-users

for each customer



Unique sub-account

for each customer to have individual
access to the service



Dedicated support

access to technical support
for your employees

Frequently asked questions

What kind of cooperation is offered by the Partnership Program?

There are two ways to cooperate with EmailLabs – as a Reseller or OEM Partner.
Feel free to contact us to discuss other possibilities of potential cooperation between our companies.

Who is the Reseller Programme for?

The Reseller programme is designed for cloud solutions, the E-Commerce industry, CMS, CRM or Marketing Automation tools.

When will the OEM Programme be the best solution?

The OEM Programme is the best solution when:

  • you are looking for Cloud SMTP and Email API built into your system,
  • you are an Attunement Expert responsible for this part of the business,
  • you want to be in control of communication with your customers, you don’t want third parties.

How does the registration procedure in the Partnership Program look like?

To join the program, you have to register using online form available here.

Do I need to go through the pre-approval process to become an EmailLabs Partner?

Yes, we are expanding the circle of our partners to provide our customers with all the tools they need to achieve the best possible results.

How can I promote EmailLabs?

In general, the promotion ways and techniques depend on the type of cooperation itself and on prior individual arrangements with the Account Manager. You may contact us anytime to discuss your ideas.

Is there a dedicated support or Account Manager for a Partner?

Each of our Partners has a dedicated Account Manager.

When and how will I receive payment?

The payment method depends on the individual partnership agreement. Usually, it is made via bank transfer into a specified account once a certain amount is collected.

Is there any fee for joining the Partnership Program?

No. The Program is free of charge for both joining and access to know-how and advertising materials.

Are there any marketing materials available for Partners?

On partner’s request, we can provide relevant presentations or other materials.

Can I recommend other Partners to the program?

Currently, it’ s not possible.

How can I track my progress?

You can contact your Account Manager at any time to discuss progress and statistics.

Can I include content and other materials from the EmailLabs website on my own page?

Copying content from the EmailLabs website is a copyright violation and may result in legal consequences.


Does EmailLabs post information about Partnership Program members on its website?

Yes, each Partner has a dedicated landing page where we apply internal link. Such a practice leads, on one hand, to higher visibility in Google’s organic search results.