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Description: is a Polish, innovative sales platform where customers can find millions of products from reliable, trustworthy sellers. Several hundred thousand orders placed each month require reliable e-mail communication from the platform. The brand wanted above all to ensure its clients the highest possible deliverability of sent transactional emails, which we were happy to help with.



In case of, email is the main channel of communication with the platform's users. Initially, the brand used a shared infrastructure for this, which was not an effective solution - other customers' email traffic had a direct impact on message delivery time. Transactional emails sent from the same IP address will not take precedence over marketing emails simply because promotional email volume is higher , using the entire communication being delivered to the Offers/Newsletters tab.


Shared servers caused delays in delivery of important messages.


Choosing a dedicated infrastructure helped prevent anxious customers from contacting the platform support team out of concern for their order. Being unable to find the message can lead to increased helpline traffic.


The platform was in the early stages of promotional campaigns and PR activities in Poland when cooperation with EmailLabs began. All factors closely related to the store's service had to meet the highest standards and could not disappoint customers.



EmailLabs fully supported in preparing a dedicated, authorized by mailbox providers infrastructure for sending transactional messages.


All servers were properly authenticated, warmed up, and EmailLabs Support helped to prepare the SPF and DKIM entries necessary for good deliverability.


Our good knowledge of inbox providers and their antispam filters allowed us to achieve very good e-mail deliverability results from the very beginning of our cooperation.


Helpful message logs - that is, details from each mailing, provide a significant help to Erli support in resolving tickets . They also provide key evidence that crucial emails have been properly delivered and read.

The in-depth knowledge of Emaillabs experts helps Erli to achieve satisfactory results in improving email delivery rates.

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