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Fordata is a leading provider of Virtual Data Room systems in CEE. The company supports processes such as mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, audits, financing projects, debt portfolio sales and projects in the commercial real estate, life science and energy sectors.



Protection of personal data results in building trust between administrators and the recipients of their services or goods. For this reason, the issue of personal data protection and ensuring the security of its processing were particularly important to Fordata.


An essential element for a technological company was SLA and guarantee of support in case of problems, response times, fixes; also a delineated, clear path of actions for specialists.


Fordata works directly with valuable data that needs to be delivered in time, so as a part of the SMTP and API implementation, properly executed tests pf deliverability and throughput were a key requirement. Its results had to prove that the infrastructure was working perfectly, delivering efficiently, and storing email data in the admin panel correctly.



EmailLabs fully supported Fordata in preparing a dedicated, separate email infrastructure for transactional traffic.


All servers were properly authenticated and warmed up. EmailLabs Support helped to prepare SPF, DKIM and DMARC entries necessary for good deliverability and sender spoofing protection.


At EmailLabs we know how important trust and a sense of security are when establishing long-term cooperation. That is why we guarantee service accessibility and response times within SLA agreements. The platform is monitored on an ongoing basis, with a specialized technical team on duty 24/7. During maintenance breaks, email traffic is switched to a back-up infrastructure.


EmailLabs meets high-security requirements for processed data, e.g. thanks to ISO/IEC 27001 certification confirming compliance with international standards for information security. The platform also undergoes regular penetration testing by external specialized companies and employs security engineers implementing the latest solutions.


EmailLabs uses its own servers. All of them, including backup servers, are located in the EEA, ensuring full compliance with GDPR.


Before Fordata made the final decision to work with us, a free service trial was launched, in which the client was given full access to the infrastructure and all platform features. A team of customer service and IT support was also at the client's disposal.


Fordata has gained the best deliverability and access to email logs which provide essential evidence in terms of communication. They are stored for 14 days, however it is possible to receive the logs via API and keep them on the customer’s side for as long as Fordata considers it necessary.

"We received full support comprimising the set-up of a dedicated, authorized by Polish ISPs, server infrastructure for transactional emails."


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