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The company owned by mBank is an innovative product on the fintech market, whose leading solution is Credit API. The modern system needed, most of all, to track email metrics. The main requirement for choosing a vendor was data security.



Secured servers - the client couldn't allow leaking or losing any data, as well as service failures and access interruptions.


Given the fact that important transactional messages are performed, the customer wanted to make sure that in case of any legal issues, he would be able to receive information on whether the message was delivered or not.


No information about the message delivery.



EmailLabs servers are located in Poland, in one of the best and most well-protected Data Centers - Beyond, which guarantees the highest security level. All servers are subject to Polish law and are 100% compliant with GDPR requirements.


Our system stores detailed data which includes all mailings. During an audit, the customer can check what happened to each message and whether the recipient read it. This information can be extracted and may be used as evidence.


EmailLabs is a system designed to monitor and improve email deliverability. Data on message delivery, hard and soft bounces, CTR and OR are collected 24h/7 in real-time.

Paynow is a service based on the best technology solutions. We chose EmailLabs not only for the highest email deliverability but also for keeping our clients' data secure and taking a custom approach to our technical and corporate requirements.

Sebastian Sztajnert

CTO, mElements (Grupa mBank)

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