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Synerise is a Marketing Automation platform aimed at SaaS model clients. The tool relies heavily on email sending linked to Deep Data analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, thereby matching personalized content to its audience.



Messages did not always reach the inboxes of the main recipients, which was unacceptable for Synerise's clients, since they spend a lot of time setting up communication scenarios. So they expect maximum deliverability.


The sent email communication also reached recipients far too late. This caused negative emotions in customers, as they expected the email, they were waiting for to be delivered in a split second.


Messages sent from the Synerise platform often landed in the SPAM folder, while insufficient deliverability and misclassification directly led to a decline in conversions from the email channel.



Agreements with mailbox providers, properly warmed-up infrastructure, dedicated IP and Support ensure customers no longer have to worry about undelivered emails.


By switching infrastructure and connecting EmailLabs API resulted in having no sending limits. Delays in transactional and marketing sends as well as email queuing have been eliminated.


Messages no longer land in the SPAM folder, by dividing transactional and marketing traffic into two separate servers. With this configuration, taking care of mailing reputation is much easier.

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