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Description: is one of the largest eCommerce brands in Poland. With several hundreds of thousands of orders handled daily, the store needs reliable e-mail communication. The company wanted, most of all, to increase the deliverability of sent messages, as well as the OR and CTR rates, also in global markets.



Many transactional and marketing emails sent by the store were landing in spam or got to the wrong tab. The issue with email deliverability was affecting low OR and CTR.


The customer sends emails to 15 countries in Europe. Each country has different ISPs, whose requirements have to be met to get the best results. Part of the customer's mailings was often blocked by the mailbox provider's side; with no detailed analytics, it was difficult to optimize email results.


From the very beginning, Eobuwie expressed the need for complex support in optimizing the mailing results. We were able to provide consultations on the factors affecting email deliverability, such as contact database and email design, even on a 24/7 basis. This was something that the client's previous vendor could not afford



With a well-prepared email infrastructure, close partnerships with inbox providers, and years of know-how in the area of international mailings, the OR, CTR, and conversion rate of the e-store have improved significantly, not only in the Polish market but also abroad.


We provided full support in setting up the infrastructure in each market. Knowing the requirements of mailbox providers in a given country and adjusting the sending throughput prevent emails from being blocked and allow to achieve better deliverability effects within a few weeks.


The customer receives dedicated deliverability alerts, which allows him to efficiently optimize the performance of his mailings. In case more extensive consultations are needed, EmailLabs' deliverability experts are available for support, even during after-hours and weekends.

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