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As a fast-growing eCommerce business, continues to send out more emails each month. The store needed a solution at hand that would optimize marketing emails and improve deliverability. At the same time, the company wanted to reduce customer calls with complaints about missing purchase confirmations.



Order confirmation emails usually get delivered to the 'Promotions' tab in customers' mailboxes. In the case of transactional emails, it is an anomaly that can damage trust in the store. Also, it took up to several hours for promotional emails to be sent via the previous system.


The company runs many marketing campaigns and needed a system that would deliver messages to several hundred thousand recipients as fast as possible.


With such a large volume of messages sent it’s impossible to constantly monitor every email and immediately detect any communication problems.



The store gained two separate IPs with a high reputation, by separating transactional and marketing traffic. Messages are no longer blocked and queued while sending large email volumes. These emails are authorized by local mailbox providers and no longer end up in Spam, resulting in higher ORs and CTRs.


Setting up our servers has allowed us to send several hundred emails per second. The store is now able to organize 1-day promotions and deliver emails on time.


Our experts provided help with the integration, and now the tool works on its own. In case of encountering any problems on the customer's side, they are immediately flagged and resolved by our support team.

We are now sending several hundred e-mails per second, which is very satisfying. We don’t have problems with spam anymore, because our e-mails are authorized by local mailbox providers. The tool is adapted to the needs of the Polish market. Right after the first configuration, everything works by itself, basically unattended. The biggest advantage of this solution is the fact we don't have to remember about it. What surprised us, in particular, is how good the customer support is. EmailLabs experts speak our language and understand e-commerce. What's more, we can count not only on email but also on phone support.

Michał Serafin

Head of E-mail Marketing department at

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