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SMTP servers from EmailLabs are a guarantee:

High deliverability
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Precise analytics,
which will effectively relieve the burden on the helpline.


Helpful support,
which includes deliverability experts.


Woodpecker is a tool that allows to easily implement and automate the process of your email sending. Through an automatized integration, the service delivers each message to the recipient using your provider’s SMTP services. Emaillabs ensures the deliverability of your email communications is always at a high level. To set up our SMTP server in Woodpecker, take a look at the following guide.

How to connect a custom SMTP – Emaillabs with Woodpecker?

  • Go to Settings


  • Then select Add email account


  • For adding Emaillabs’ SMTP credentials, choose ‘manual connection’.


  • Start filling out the form providing the following data:


  • From the drop-down list select “Other” then put this info:

Email address: email address you are planning to use to send emails from.
Login: 1.panelname.smtp
Password: your SMTP password set up in the Emaillabs panel (Panel>SMTP accounts>Active accounts>change password)
SMTP server:
Port Number: 587 or 465

After you finished configuring your custom SMTP settings, proceed to filing the IMAP details.

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