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Increase OR and CTR results
in the e-mail channel

We'll help you track your Open and Click-Through Rate with advanced analytics tools that monitor everything about your email communications. Find out how to improve your deliverability and recover lost conversions from your email channel.

Message classification
into appropriate tabs

Get your messages delivered to the right mail folders: primary and offers. Due to our partnerships with major mailbox providers, emails sent from our servers are not blocked or limited by vendors such as Onet, WP, O2 and Interia. Likewise, our infrastructure is properly tailored to meet mailing requirements of services such as Gmail or Hotmail, as well as local operators or

99.98% deliverability
of transactional emails

Ensure high deliverability of transactional emails that users get, for example, after making a purchase in an online store, registering in a new service, resetting a password or signing up for a newsletter. Monitor campaign results in real time and gain confidence that all messages have reached their recipients.

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Increase OR and CTR results in the e-mail channel

The State of E-mail Deliverability in E-Commerce

If you deal with E-Commerce E-mails on a daily basis, be sure to follow the results of our survey!

Develop best practices for e-mail deliverability.

That is why we decided to find out what challenges are faced in this area by those responsible for business development and technology in the e-commerce industry. This survey will allow us to prepare a report in which we identify challenges and areas for improvement in the area of e-commerce email activities.
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