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Katarzyna Garbaciak, 12 August 2022


Whether you are developing your start-up or running a mature e-commerce business, you need solutions to support communication with users: both transactional and marketing. EmailLabs is an infrastructure for sending different messages via API, so it specializes in the e-mail deliverability area. The French platform is a combo with different tools, mainly for marketers. In addition to transactional messages, it offers a whole set of tools like landing pages and Facebook ads. It also has different communication channels in its portfolio.

Are you looking for an API or SMTP e-mail infrastructure and getting lost in all these details? Then you should pay attention to the important differences between these two solutions.

Transactional and marketing e-mails via API and SMTP

The tools differ in the range of available functionalities. We know that not all of them may be important or interesting to you right now. EmailLabs offers a server infrastructure for sending e-mails via API and SMTP so that we will focus on this in the following comparison.

1.  Sendinblue vs EmailLabs – pricing

Both tools diversify their pricing based on sending limits, the number of e-mails offered in a given pricing plan and functionalities. Each solution also has a freemium to encourage start-up businesses in particular – both with a daily e-mail sending limit.

Monthly plans EmailLabs sendinblue
Billing method e-mail limits/e-mail packages e-mail limits/e-mail packages
Freemium 300 e-mails/day 300 e-mails/day
Price for
30,000 e-mails/month
Essential 30 Plan: 23 EUR/month Lite Plan: $65/month
Price for
100,000 e-mails/month
Essential 100 Plan: 45 EUR/month Lite Plan: $65/month
Discount for upfront payment -10% -10%
The dedicated IP address
in the price of the Plan
In the price of PRO 100 Plan for 90 EUR/month Recommended from the level of 100k e-mails/month – dedicated IP address costs $251/year

EmailLabs’ pricing is based on features useful to both – API and SMTP e-mail senders. It’s clear from the comparison above that EmailLabs supports start-up businesses – the freemium plan allows you to send 300 e-mails per day, which equals 9,000 messages per month. The more you send, the less you pay for CPM (cost per 1,000 messages). In addition, starting from the PRO Plan for 69 EUR, you gain one dedicated IP address for the price of the plan. A dedicated IP address in Sendinblue is also recommended when you send 100,000 messages per month – you will pay $251 per year for it separately (in addition to the subscription fee). So if you want to send 100,000 e-mails in the Lite Plan with a dedicated IP address, then you will pay $85.90 per month.

2. Customer first – that is, handling inquiries via chat and e-mail 

EmailLabs cares a lot about the best possible level of customer service. We always take a long-term view on cooperation with customers and work with them for years. All because we deliver what we promise: senders can contact us via e-mail or chat in the admin panel. Chat is handled in real-time – the icon is visible immediately after logging in, and you don’t have to search for anythingCustomers opting for Essential, PRO or Enterprise packages can also buy the option of telephone support and a dedicated business support manager. It is also worth noting our support packages, for extended cooperation.

Learn more about our support packages.


3. Support when setting up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

EmailLabs and Sendinblue support the most important sender security features. As an alternative to Sendinblue, EmailLabs promotes the highest security features and helps with the implementation of DMARC and the BIMI standard. Additionally, if implementing a DMARC policy is too demanding, you can increase the effectiveness of your e-mails by making your brand logo be displayed in the mailing list and in the e-mail on popular local mailbox providers. However, these solutions apply to selected price plans due to the need for a dedicated IP address.

4. Dedicated expert support to increase conversion rates

As an alternative to Sendinblue, EmailLabs offers the tool, which, with no extra charge, allows you to check the quality of your e-mails and verify how they will be rated by mailbox providers even before production sending. It will help you make sure that the latest campaign does not end up in the SPAM folder. In addition, if you send a minimum of 20 million messages per month and want to improve conversions, you can take advantage of dedicated support from our experts who use a variety of available solutions, e.g. Postmaster Tools, feedback loops scoring, verification of security protocols, presence on blacklists. Our specialists will test your e-mails and suggest what to optimize.

5. European e-mail provider market – matching local requirements

Both EmailLabs and Sendinblue are global solutions for sending e-mails worldwide. However, EmailLabs is experienced in operating in CEE markets, as that’s where our adventure began. We have practised it on the multi-billion mailings executed continuously since 2015. We have long-term relationships with local mailbox providers and know the intricacies of e-mail deliverability in Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Romanian and other neighbouring markets. It is not always fitting to the specific technical guidelines. Sometimes, it’s premium traffic agreements that make it possible to lift limits and blockages.

You are in the right place – learn about our case studies

We execute transactional and marketing e-mails for the most aware senders, from start-ups to enterprise-scale businesses. Our dedicated approach and expert support carefully guide new customers, prepare warm-up plans, and help with sender authorization and domain authentication, making our clients work with us for years. Read our case studies.

Save time thanks to our integrations

EmailLabs is an alternative to Sendinblue, dedicated to developers, analysts, e-commerce managers and anyone for whom deliverability means specific, measurable growth results. An SMTP integration takes up to 5 minutes. You can also integrate with us via Email Restful API and collect the final statuses to your system via webhooks. To save time, you can use our integration manuals with dozens of different solutions. Check out our integrations.

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