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EmailLabs: Mautic Integration

Aleksandra Duło, 18 May 2021

More and more companies are implementing marketing automation systems. The goal is to learn as much as possible about the customer and tailor the offer to his needs. On the Polish market we can choose from a number of marketing automation systems; each significantly relies on sending personalized emails to selected user segments at the right time. Which one shall you choose? We leave this decision to marketing managers. It’s definitely worth paying attention to how the solution performs in the area of email deliverability. It’s best if to combine a marketing automation system with a server infrastructure that is proven on the Polish market.

For those using Mautic, an automation marketing software, we have some good news: you can integrate Mautic with EmailLabs, a RESTful API that provides the best email deliverability in Poland.



  • Identification and monitoring
    Monitor anonymous contacts as well as those already known. Analyze the number of page views, time spent on the site, and specific activities. Purchase behavior and restrictions.
  • Microsites
    Create unique Landing Pages to generate interest and leads. Simple drag-and-drop editors will allow you to build responsive high-converting landing pages.
  • E-mail marketing
    Use customer message personalization. Monitor opens, track clicks, send emails based on user decisions. Single or in campaigns, with no limits.
  • Scoring and tags
    Segment your contact base according to specified scoring and assigned tags and track your audience’s activities.Create detailed customer profiles and use them in your campaigns. Learn and analyze their preferences and behaviors.
  • Campaigns
    Develop a relationship with your customers. Build scenarios in which you define actions that your subscribers will take. Nurture them so that they follow the conversion path in your sales funnel. Take a good care of them.
  • Social Media Integration
    Keep track of your customers’ social media activities and interact with them in a way they like best. It’s all in marketing automation.
  • Forms
    Build forms to collect contact information, present downloadable content, or handle course registrations. The creator allows you to design easily and quickly.
  • Reports
    Keep track of how your audience’s behavioral metrics are changing, and use the data collected from each campaign to improve your marketing strategy.


    • Enchanced email deliverability and full message analysis in real-time
    • Increased security (authentication, dedicated IP, SPF, DKIM and DMARC)
    • Avoiding spam folders and tabs (e.g. Offers) thanks to partnership with ISP (Gmail, Onet, WP, Interia, Yahoo, Hotmail)
    • Full 24/7 monitoring and emergency support
    • Maximized sending speed thanks to fully scalable cloud infrastructure
    • Fast integration, transparent pricing and clear cooperation policy


Setting up your own SMTP server in Mautic, such as the EmailLabsTM server, is very simple. The whole procedure can be done in a a couple of minutes. See how easy it is.

      1. You start with registering in EmailLabsTM, during which you will receive the following details from us: SMTP host, SMTP port, SMTP username. We recommend to write down all this information in one place.
      2. Next, you need to log into the Mautic panel and make a few clicks: To enter the configuration panel go to: Settings >> Configurations >> Email Settings tab.
    • source:

      1. There are only four steps left. Select “Other SMTP server” as the SMTP server, and then enter the credentials – this process is very similar to email configuration in any mail client software, such as Outlook. Hence, start by entering the SMTP server address:
      2. Then fill in the SMTP port: 587 / 465.
      3. Now you just need to enter your username and password. The username is 1.usernameaccount.smtp, where “usernameaccount” is the name of your EmailLabs account. The SMTP password has to be first set in the Emaillabs panel: SMTP Account>Active accounts>change password and then added to Mautic Mail Send Settings.
      4. In the SMTP authentication field select TLS for port 587 and SSL for port 465.
      5. Finally, check the server connection- click the “Test Connection” button – for a properly completed configuration, the message “Success!” will appear.
      6. Is that all? Yes, you can enjoy the best deliverability of marketing emails.


Now you know that if you are using Mautic and really like all the functionality they offer, but your emails are falling into SPAM tab or arriving late, you don’t have to look for a new solution. All you need to do is to change your SMTP server to EmailLabs. The integration takes a minute, but brings long-lasting results.

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Like Mautic and can’t imagine changing the system? That’s great, check out how EmailLabs will make your campaigns more effective with your favorite tool! SMTP Integration only takes a few minutes while your email profits increase permanently.

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