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Vercom with ISO certification!

Aleksandra Duło, 29 September 2021

The ISO certificate confirms that our organisation has been certified in compliance with the standards, practices and policies to handle information security. It contains rules for establishing, maintaining and implementing electronic communication solutions, including e-mail, SMS and Push in CPaaS model.

Our goal is to be not just a vendor, but a trusted partner that provides a key process for businesses to function, which is a personal data-driven communication.

We constantly work on several solutions to enhance the security of our service in order to meet the highest requirements. These include: building a qualified team, investing money into purchasing and configurating secure server infrastructure, building trusted relationships with suppliers (e.g. companies collocating our servers), cooperating with the best data centres in Europe, as well as many management improvements based on ISO 27001. Among them we find, improving areas such as access management, change management, service continuity plans, vulnerability and incident management.

We have also started ISO 27018 certification process, which is an international code of practice designed to support the management of personal data in cloud computing.

Thank you for being with us!

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