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We support Żabka Polska mobile application emails

Aleksandra Duło, 8 December 2020

The żappka mobile app is a smash hit in app stores. All transactional emails, such as account confirmation or password reset and every marketing email received today by more than 3 million żappka users are delivered by EmailLabs. Joanna Staude-Potocka, Marketing Director at Żabka Polska talks about why well-handled messages are one of the key success factors of mobile application.

Why are emails in a mobile app so important?

First of all, because through this channel passwords are changed or accounts in the application are activated. From the point of view of a user who wants to join the loyalty program and literally registers a profile in żappka app while choosing a product at the store, email message has to be delivered immediately. If it doesn’t happen, it’s very likely that the Żabka’s customer won’t login to the application again. Of course, contact also takes place through other channels, but emails in particular are crucial for us and thus we need to take better care of this communication path with our users.

Every year all collected points on żappka users’ accounts expire. Information about it is also sent by email. Effective delivery of such message is very important as well as it affects user notification and eventually influences customer feedbacks about the program.

“It’s hard to imagine launching a mobile application that requires an account registration without a well supported email channel. Emaillabs is a guarantee of good email deliverability and a must have for every business communicating via email. Without this crucial element, every day is a waste.”

Hence, it turned out to be very significant to prepare dedicated infrastructure adjusted to the email volume, inbox providers and type of traffic. The Client separated marketing servers from those which handled system notification emails. Thanks to this, transactional messages gained higher priority in email delivery and guarantee of reaching main inbox (EmailLabs guarantees inbox placement for transactional emails).

Seamless integration with automation system

Żabka Polska sends emails from the marketing automation class system. In the solution chosen by the Client, Emaillabs’s SMTP servers has been present for years. However, thanks to our direct cooperation with Żabka, all żappka emails are sent from the dedicated infrastructure which is integrated with the automation system.

“Dedicated account in EmailLabs makes it easy for Żabka to have access to all advanced statistics, their own IP addresses with customized SPF and DKIM settings and a dedicated email deliverability expert. Emaillabs support is unique because of it’s in-depth knowledge of email deliverability to local and foreign ISPs and it’s openness to work with clients on optimizing their email communication results. Furthermore, they are people who simply speak human language – for a marketer terms like SMTP servers are not always obvious, but with this kind of help you can learn a lot.” – she adds.

Many thanks to Żabka Polska for the interview. We wish you many successful and effective email campaigns.


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