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BIMI: Support by Apple

Natalia Zacholska, 27 June 2022

what is bimi

The AuthIndicators Working Group (BIMI Group) recently announced that Apple systems such as iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura will support BIMI starting this fall. Thus, the infographic showing the list of providers supporting the standard has been updated with the tile below:

bimi for apple

Since the first screenshots from Apple’s native mailbox have already appeared on the Internet, which show a message sender with a graphic logo in place of initials (which looks like BIMI) and the signature “Digitally Certified“, it can be assumed that the change has already been implemented, which could be related to the ongoing WWDC 2022 (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) in early June. By joining other providers who already support BIMI (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo!, Fastmail), Apple is emphasizing the importance of protecting the identity of the sender, continuing its work on email security which we have written about previously.

BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) is an authentication standard that allows organizations whose domain has been properly secured with DMARC to display a legally protected logo in place of the sender’s avatar in the mailbox.

Obtaining a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) from an approved Certificate Authority (CA) and placing it in the BIMI record, authenticates that the logo belongs to the real sender, thus increasing its credibility. It is also a requirement for logo display by some mailbox providers – such as Gmail.

One of the most important conditions for organizations wishing to have BIMI is the aforementioned implementation of DMARC (with a strict quarantine or reject policy) to protect their sending domains from spoofing attempts by cybercriminals. The support of the BIMI standard by such an organization as large as Apple is a clear example to others to maintain a more secure digital environment. The more senders implement BIMI, the more difficult it will be to launch cyber attacks via email – a recognizable logo will make it easier for recipients to determine whether an email is fake or real.

Read about why BIMI provides an anti-phishing shield.

BIMI has a clear benefit for organizations that want to secure their email communications. Research (such as that conducted by Red Sift) shows that a sender logo in an email can significantly increase the number of emails opens and lead to higher conversions. Apple’s support of BIMI means that a new group (a huge part of consumers), will be able to see sender logos when checking email on their devices like iPhones or MacBooks. Considering how many consumers believe that brand recognition is a crucial factor in whether an email is opened or lands in the trash, it’s so important for brands to make sure they already have a registered logo and to move urgently to implement an identity security standard like BIMI, allowing it to be displayed in mailboxes.

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