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Boost from Interia for a better Open Rate

EmailLabs Team, 4 November 2020


Are you caring that your customer notices your message? Do you send marketing emails, system notifications or order confirmations to the Polish market and want to increase the open rate, encourage your recipients to interact and get a better return on investment?

We are introducing the Boost available on Interia mailboxes

We have been working with Interia for more than a dozen years. We have been working with Interia for more than a dozen years. Thanks to our efforts, emails sent by EmailLabs are authorized, effectively bypassing limits and improving classification to the appropriate tabs. One of Interia’s services is Boost, which increases the effectiveness of customers’ correspondence with Interia users. Boost allows you to highlight emails with your brand’s logo. This way your logo will be displayed on the mailing list, and the branded email will not go unnoticed by the customer. Of course, everyone is more likely to open such a nicely wrapped letter.

Once the user opens the email, your graphics will automatically be displayed (currently users have to make an extra click to download the graphics, so even the most attractive e-mail content may not have a chance to be noticed). With Boost, the customer is sure to see what has been prepared for them.


“An additional interesting option that we allow our customers is to dynamically change the logo so that it relates to upcoming events, promotions, and seasons. You can put a Santa hat on your logo, and dress it up with Ray-Bans during the vacations. We leave everything to the client’s creativity, as long as it fits within 40px.”

– says Bartosz Mlynarczyk, Product Manager at Interia.


The benefits of Boost Interia

Boost gives senders additional opportunities to promote and improve results from the email channel. The service is a premium option and is not available as a standard. 

What benefits of using this option have been noticed by brands currently using Boost?

  • an increase in the percentage of e-mails opens
  • increase in engagement: a message highlighted with a brand logo does not go unnoticed.
  • premium support at Interia
  • certification of transactional emails with the brand logo builds the image of a company that cares about recipients’ cybersecurity; the brand logo is a confirmation of the sender’s authentication since it is necessary to implement DKIM.

Remember! If, in addition, your brand has implemented BIMI, correspondence addressed to receivers using Interia and Gmail (and other providers supporting this standard) will be visually consistent.

One more thing!! Interia also offers a product extension called Secure Sender; this is advanced authentication based on the DKIM key. Next to your messages, an additional certificate may appear, in the form of a green padlock, which rules out the fact that the email is a phishing attempt. More information can be found HERE (Polish only).

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