EmailLabs with BIMI certificate

Natalia Zacholska, 12 October 2021

We are happy to announce that we have positively completed the BIMI certification process. By implementing the new security standard we are able to protect ourselves even more against potential spoofing or phishing attacks, increase OR and CTR, and build stronger brand recognition. From now on, our email communication sent to Gmail, Yahoo and AOL users will be displayed with EmailLabs logo.

The BIMI implementation process took several steps which the main requirements included i.a. properly configured authentication protocols (SPF, DKIM and DMARC), creating an SVG image and a trademarked brand logo. This was followed by the VMC certification and Digicert’s authenticity confirmation of a logo associated with our domain – for more information about how the VMC certification is done, click HERE. Lastly, it’s necessary to publish your BIMI record to the DNS of the domain.

While we are fully aware of progressive digitalization, growth of e-commerce, increasing volume of transactional emails and numerous threats that come with it. Experts expect that BIMI will soon become a key element of anti-spam filters used by mailbox providers. What is more, apart from better protection of our correspondence and providing comfort to its recipients, a natural result of implementing BIMI is improving CTR (click-through rate) and OR (open rate) of our messages.

Are you interested in implementing BIMI? Feel free to contact us! EmailLabs helps businesses to run smoothly through the whole procedure: from proper SPF, DKIM and DMARC configuration up to choosing local notary public who offers VMC legal assistance. Our service cooperates with, the only distributor of VMC certificates in Poland. Therefore, all customers can count on obtaining certification on very favourable terms.

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