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Sender Verification In Google – Blue Verified Checkmarks Will Appear In Gmail

Natalia Zacholska, 4 May 2023

Google has announced the release of a new feature to help users differentiate messages from verified senders from those trying to impersonate them.

Google Workspace users and Gmail owners will be able to see a blue checkmark next to those senders who have implemented BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification). This follows this inbox provider’s efforts to protect recipients from increasingly common phishing attempts. Since Google announced its support for the BIMI standard in July 2021, it has not been entirely clear how to distinguish verified senders from those who have uploaded their logo to their Google Workspace profile.

Correctly implemented BIMI standarda logo with Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) and a DMARC enforcement on the domain – also allowed the logo to be displayed in place of the Avatar.

The blue checkmark next to the sender’s e-mail address will therefore distinguish at a glance which senders are more trustworthy in terms of the authenticity of the e-mails users receive. By hovering over the badge, the following message will appear: “This sender of this email has verified that they own the domain and the logo in the profile image”. It is worth mentioning that a similar blue verifies sender checkmark was also introduced six months ago at Yahoo Mail.

The implementation of the new functionality started on 3 May and is expected to be completed within three days.

More information can be found on the Google Workspace Updates and Google Support.

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