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Why is E-mail Communication The Key to Business Success?

Aleksandra Duło, 20 April 2023

Does e-mail have an impact on business success? Widespread digitization has made it virtually impossible to run a business without an electronic mailbox. The development of the Internet has also rapidly expanded the scope of competition, which is why every factor that allows you to build an advantage in the market is so important. One of them is a well-chosen company mailbox. It is worth checking what conditions it must meet.

Functions of business e-mail

The main task of e-mail is to ensure the free exchange of correspondence within the company and with customers. It allows you to receive and respond to hundreds of messages a day. They are, as a rule, at least for a certain period stored in memory, so the more significant its capacity, the better. It also allows sorting incoming mail from different business partners to a given e-mail address.

What does a company’s e-mail box need to be equipped with to impact business development positively?

E-mail inbox security is first and foremost!

An e-mail address must have good spam filters so unwanted messages do not litter the primary inbox. Spam is not the only threat to a company’s mailbox. Even more dangerous are e-mails containing suspicious attachments for hacking attacks, so it’s also essential to be equipped with antivirus software. For added security, it’s also a good idea to have a proper method of accessing the e-mail mailbox. A user can, for example, log in with a two-step (two-factor authentication, 2FA) by adding additional security to the standard login, such as a code sent to a phone or other trusted e-mail.

Backups – a useful business e-mail functionality

Business e-mail should also be equipped with additional functionality such as regular backups. This is important for security reasons, as it protects the company from irreparable loss of important messages. Their frequency can be set by yourself depending on your needs while indicating where they are stored, such as a backup drive or the cloud.

Backing up your Outlook e-mails to Gmail

To export your Outlook e-mails and back them up to Gmail, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Gmail
    Launch a web browser and navigate to your Gmail account.
  2. Log in to your Gmail Account
    Log in to your Gmail account and confirm your identity by entering your username and password.
  3. Configure settings
    Access the “Mail Settings” tab via the “Gear” icon and follow this path: Forward and POP/IMAP > Enable IMAP > Save.BACKUp-OUTLOOK-TO-GMAIL
  4. Starting Microsoft Office
    Open Microsoft Office and locate the tools option on the taskbar. Click the import and export option.
  5. Exporting e-mails
    Import your Outlook e-mails by selecting import from another file and clicking next. A new window will appear. Select Personal Folder File (.PST) and click next. Choose where you want to save the backup file, name your folder and click finish to finalize the process.
  6. Copying and pasting a backup file from Outlook
    Once the export is complete, right-click on your .PST file and select copy. Find the Gmail tab in the panel and paste your file. That’s it – your Outlook emails are now safely in your Gmail account!

A simple interface equals more efficient marketing

The intuitiveness and ease of use of business e-mail are also important. A complicated, unreadable interface makes even a simple e-mail send take employees a long time. This has a negative impact on their productivity and additionally translates into lower effectiveness, if only in the results of marketing campaigns based on a traditional newsletter.

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BCC – an important business e-mail feature

The ability to send as the sender of an e-mail message, including to people who are not its primary recipients, is a feature of Blind Carbon Copy (BCC). This makes the recipients invisible to each other and keeps their identity and e-mail data secret. BCC is often used in e-mail marketing campaigns. This is very important, especially because of GDPR regulations. Ensuring the confidentiality of correspondence increases trust in a company that is perceived as acting professionally. Nowadays, any data leak or even a suspicion of one exposes a business to loss of trust and huge image as well as financial losses.


Messages sent to the e-mail addresses entered in the BCC field will be sent to each e-mail address, but for each recipient, the delivery will look as if it was sent only to him.

Free autoresponder i.e. automatic reply during the absence

This is an important feature that allows you to quickly inform contractors that the person they are writing to is absent from work—this way they find out when it will be possible to contact her. Most often, the information set up in the autoresponder also includes details of the employee’s replacement, who can be contacted for urgent matters. The automatic response ensures continuity of contact with customers, who appreciate such a professional approach.

E-mail forwarding

This is another important function for business success. It is used when you are temporarily unable to access your own e-mail mailbox. It is then redirected to another e-mail address at the same or another provider. It can be directed, for example, to your deputy or any employee who will reply to the sender. In this way, no important information will remain unanswered, which could result in the deterioration of relations with the contractor and, in extreme cases, even cause the loss of the contractor.

What is e-mail redirection?

Redirection is a special case of email forwarding. In the standard way, the person forwarding the message appears to be the sender. In redirection, the message appears to come from the original sender.

For example, if [email protected] receives a message from [email protected] and xyz1 forwards it to his colleague xyz3, xyz3 will think it is a message redirected by xyz1. However, if xyz1 redirects xyz2’s message, it will look like it came directly from xyz2.


Redirecting is also known as remailing.

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Email acknowledgement

Companies send a great many messages a day, but not all of them are equally important. Sometimes, it is crutial to confirm that the recipient has received some key information. That’s when the receipt confirmation feature comes in handy. It allows the mail user to be sure if and when it has reached the addressee. EmailLabs additionally offers the ability to monitor logs of sent emails. This gives the user the possibility to check whether the message was received, opened or clicked.


Detailed message logs are irrefutable evidence for your Customer Service.

Address in own domain – prestige necessary with customer relations

Personalizing an address increases trust in a company, demonstrating its professionalism. It is also an excellent form of external promotion. This is especially important for smaller companies that work longer for recognition and credibility.

An address on your own domain comes at a cost, but it’s an investment worth making because, in return, you also get better service and protection from spam and viruses.

Sending emails from a hosting service: why you should go on your own?

Secure server infrastructure to handle your company’s outgoing mail

A well-tailored e-mail service for your company’s needs can be the key to business success. It allows you to reach a considerable audience effectively, establish relationships with them and promote your business, such as informing about promotions or sending newsletters.

Take advantage of our services, and we will make your marketing and transactional e-mails have high deliverability. We have the server infrastructure to integrate with various e-mail programs such as Outlook and Thunderbird and specialized mailing systems to deliver as much as 98.8% of e-mails. In addition, we ensure security by using, among other things, e-mail authentication. With us, you will quickly grow your business!

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